rheo knee

Rheo Knee

The RHEO KNEE is a microprocessor-controlled knee with an optimal combination of stability and safety. It enables exceptionally natural and effortless gait – even on difficult terrain. The RHEO KNEE is easy to fit, and delivers reliable user outcomes.

Key Features

  • Auto adaptive real-time stance and swing control.
  • Dependable and easy swing initiation on all surfaces.
  • Automatic stumble recovery.
  • Manual extension lock.
  • Weatherproof design allows exposure to fresh water splashes.
  • Accompanying Össur Logic app for iOS devices provides:
    • Simple practitioner setup and adjustment, and printable user activity reports.
    • Functional training exercises for improved user confidence.
    • Selection of user preferences and monitoring of step count and battery charge level.
  • Smart Extension makes raising from a squatted position easier with less resistance.
  • Facilitates stepping over obstacles and stepping backwards.

Prosthetic Sleeves

The Iceross Seal-In X5 transfemoral liner is the first liner of its kind with five integrated seals that deliver the most comfortable and secure suspension to date.

Its airtight fit is thanks to the flexible silicone suction suspension system, and its minimized pistoning and enhanced rotational control allows patients to enjoy greater comfort and stability.

It is recommended that Iceross Seal-In X5 Transfemoral Liner is used in conjunction with the Icelock® 500 Series Valve.


i-Limb Access

A myoelectric, multi-articulating prosthetic hand that offers five individually powered digits and manually rotatable thumb, designed for a broad range of activities.

  • Individually motorized digits with compliant grip and stall-out ability
  • Manually rotatable thumb that can easily be positioned between lateral and oppositional mode for creating different grip positions
  • Faster – With our speed boost feature, digit speed can be increased by up to 30%
  • App control provides instant access to quick grips™ at the touch of an icon. Also compatible with Apple Watch
  • Muscle control uses specific muscle signals called triggers to instruct the hand to activate a specific grip
  • 12 different grip options available.
  • biosim™ and my i-limb™ software
  • Available in 4 sizes – extra small, small, medium and large
  • Multiple covering options available to suit individual lifestyles